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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Insider Tips: Decorating Your Home

It's all in the details...
Today, I am giving you some tips and tricks to help decorate your home.

Mix & Match
Adding old pieces with new, makes your home feel more personal and welcoming.
It's even better, when each piece has it's own story.

 Use Textures
Introduce different texture to help add interest. 
(All white decor- makes your room feel even larger.)

 Don't be Afraid 
Don't feel like you are locked into a specific style. Make changes often.
My favorite and least expensive way to create change is to repaint!

 Let Your Walls Make A Statement
I will forever be in love with wallpaper and beautiful trim work!


Add Drama
A painted ceiling will add so much drama and warmth to your space.

Mix Metals
There is nothing wrong with mixing your metal finishes.

The Power of High and Low
Not everything has to be ordered straight out of an expensive catalog. 
Mix items of different price level and craftsmanship.  

Bring the Outdoors In
How lovely is it to have plant life in every room?!

They help ground your room. Be bold in your choice- pick a pattern or fun colors.

Recover Antique Furniture 
Choose a modern fabric to update your antique pieces.

"Spend Where it Counts"
I say this to all of my clients.
 Whether that is your dining table, sofa in the living or the entry light fixture.
Spend where you will be most impacted.

Use Furniture To Help Define & Divide
Open floor plans are all the rage, using your furniture to divide each space is a great way to help define the "room".

Hang Curtains High
This helps to elongate your ceiling height.

I hope these tips help you with your next decorating adventure. 

Image via: Pinterest.com