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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Insiders Tip: Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Remodel

Alternative Countertop Material

There is more than just granite out there.
Think about wood or butcher block instead.
Open Shelving
You could save a few thousand dollars by using shelves, instead of having cabinets remade.
Keep Existing Cabinets

Save money by painting your cabinets verses refinishing them.
You can find my tips and how- to's on Pinterest.com to help with your project.
Wall Cut Out
Opt to cut out a portion of the wall, rather than removing the whole thing.
Do Your Project In Stages
Go step by step- do what you can afforded, rather than doing the entire project at once.
Here they have just painted the cabinets and installed hardware. Next they will do the countertops and the flooring.
But what a difference a few coats of paint can do!
Use a Furniture Piece for the Island
Repurpose a piece of furniture for the island- instead of spending money on a new cabinet.
*36" Height for the piece furniture
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