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Friday, February 9, 2018

Decluttering Tips

Let's get a head start on Spring Cleaning!

With the start of the new year, some people are dieting and exercising.
Well, why not also try to declutter your life and home.
Start small, one space at a time.
Maybe your children's closet or your closet. The children's toys, or even the pantry.
These questions below are the perfect way to begin.

Ask Yourself:
Have I used or worn this in the last year?
Am I holding on to this for sentimental value?
Do I have a realistic plan to use this?
Does it fit me or my living space?
Am I holding on to this broken item to fix in the future?
Do I have a similar item that serves the same purpose?
Let your answers help decide what you do with each item.

Organize with Bins & Labels:
(Once you purge your unwanted items) 

Put Items Back:
Train yourself to put things back in their spot.
Once, you create a new home for something, remember to return it there after you are finished using it.

Declutter with the Present in Mind:
If you are holding on to something for "just in case" or if you think you will use it in future- it's time to get rid of it. 
In order to keep the clutter under control, you must also be thinking in the present mind. 

Schedule Your Donation Drop off:
Once you make your piles Keep/Trash/Donate,
make sure you take care of them right away. Neatly contained clutter is still clutter.

Try a 30 Day Challenge:

I definitely need to practice these tips myself.
We have a whole guest room that needs to be cleared out.
I have a slight problem letting go of furniture. It has gotten so bad, that we are keeping the bedroom door closed now- just so we don't have to see it!

So you know what I'll be working on very soon!

Cheers to decluttering!

images: Pinterest.com

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Valentine's Day Treats & DIY's

With Valentine's Day only a week away, I thought I would do a quick round up of some cute treats and toddle activities I found on Pinterest.

Follow the links under the photos to find the original post and how- to's!

How yummy do these cookies look?!

Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

There are only a few ingredients needs for this delightful treat!

Valentine Pretzel Buttons

And who can pass up popcorn, right?!

You only need a few items for this adorable project, which your child is sure to enjoy making. These would make a lovely gift for teachers and Grandparents too!

This water color paint for only a $1 is perfect for
a non-candy gift alternative.
(She also gives a free printable- check it out!)

These playdoh gift tags are too stinking cute!
And another great non-candy alternative.

And we can't leave out the adult treats!

Hope you enjoy this sweet little holiday.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Before & After: Kitchen & Patio Remodel

Last year, we worked on a pretty large kitchen and patio remodel.
The planning process started around six months beforehand.

Before/Existing Floor Plan

Proposed New Layout

The plan: to remove the wall that separates the living room and kitchen.
Relocate all of the appliances. Change the "hallway" into a pantry, change the entrance into the game room, change the dining window into a sliding patio door, which opens up onto the new slab and covered patio.

Inspiration for the Covered Patio

Before Photos


Kitchen: note where the existing appliances are located.


View into the game room.

Front Door Before Photos

The Plan: To remove the weird wall on the right, and install new door and sidelight.

During Photos

The process of removing the wall that separated the living room/kitchen.
We installed whats called a header in the ceiling.

The braces have been removed!
Patio doors are in!

Starting to take form!
You can see the new door opening into the game room here.

View into new pantry.

New double door opening into the laundry room.

Covered Patio Process

New 16x16 slab poured, that connects to existing on the right.

Existing back door closed off.

After Photos

What a difference, right!!??

We added a sliding reed-ed glass door for the pantry.
dark vinyl plank flooring

Butcher block countertop on the island.
Suspended vent hood.

We spent a great deal of time, laying out the cabinet design.
They have a trash pull out, tray pull outs, deep drawers, and two of these awesome pull outs that you see in the picture above.

The microwave is now located in the island, this new height- makes it easier for their children to use.

Backsplash glass

We wrapped the window with the glass tile.
And installed a quartz window sill, to match the countertops.

New undermount blanco kitchen sink.

A fun new dining light fixture.

Front Door After Photos

Changing the front door, and removing that weird wall- made this area so much brighter!

Covered Patio After Photos

This space is now ready for entertaining!
You can't even tell where the old back door use to be!

In Texas, it is a MUST to have a fan on your patio!

This was a great project, the open living room and kitchen was just what these clients were looking for. I am so pleased with how this remodel came out.

Here is a list of materials used:

Paint Colors (Sherwin-Williams)
Walls: Repose Gray #7015
Ceiling: Extra White #7006
Main Cabinets: Dove Trail #7018
Island Cabinet: Extra White #7006

Butcher Block: Walnut Wood
Sealed with 3 coats of mineral oil
1 coat of  Boos Block Mystery Oil as the top coat