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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thrity Thursday: Coffee Filter Wreath


It has been awhile since I made anything crafty.
So, I found some DIY inspiration last week on Pinterest!

Items Needed:
Pool Noddle (Dollar Tree)
Coffee Filters (100-150)
Hot Glue & Gun
Duct Tape

Step #1
Use the duct tape to secure your noodle into a circle.
My wreath measured about 15"

Step #2
Pinch and scrunch your coffee filter, put glue on the tip- place onto wreath for a second or two to secure in place.

 Continue this until your wreath is full!

 It took me about 1.5 hours to complete.

Step #3
Glue your ribbon onto the back, and just like that- a beautiful new wreath!
All for under $5.00

Happy DIY-ing!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Parade of Homes - 2017

Since the Parade of Homes is right around the corner.
(Second & Third Week of May- to be exact)
I thought I would share our award winning, Carothers Executive Home from last year with you.


 Dining Room
Living Room

 Utility Room
 Hall Bathroom

  Powder Bathroom with custom freestanding vanity cabinet.

 Master Bathroom

We won the award for best 'Master Bathroom'.
This bathroom was also featured on one of our tile companies Websites.
That is where the beautiful accent glass tile came from!

 Master Bathroom

Outdoor Patio

Paint Colors:Walls- Anew Gray SW#7030
Trim- Extra White SW#7006

I can't wait to show the homes we have designed for this year!
Stay tuned!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Indoor/Outdoor Living

Lately I have been so inspired by the thought of indoor/outdoor living.
So I wanted to share with you some great spaces that I have come across.

Outdoor Patio
I love how the furniture is set up here, it creates a great space for lounging and entertaining.

Doors & Large Windows 

Once these doors are open, it doubles your living space.

How beautiful is this!?
You truly feel, one with nature in this home.

I love the open kitchen concept here.

These garage style doors- are a neat, industrial architectural element to add.
Indoor/Outdoor Bathrooms

This bathroom has so many things going for it.
Rustic elements with the vanity
Industrial concrete flooring
Reclaimed wood for the open shower
I love it all!

Again! How can you not just die for this bathroom!
It would be so relaxing to have a soak in that lovely tub.

Completely Outdoors


I almost have no words for the gorgeous home.
It is completely immersed in nature.
What a beautiful retreat.

City & Suburban Living
Even if you live in the city, there are ways to create indoor/outdoor living.
This picture really showcases that.

They have done a wonderful job creating a lovely outdoor living space.
So comfortable for entertaining.

I hope these spaces inspire you as well. Especially, as the weather starts to warm up. What better way to spend your time- than to be outdoors with the ones you love.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Before & After: Children's Dental Office

Last year we completed a remodel at a children's dental office.
It was our first medical office building project-- which we were very excited about. But also, very nervous to do it at the same time.
We worked through many changelings- permits, inspections, medical gas removal, jack hammering the slab, adding new plumbing, removing old, removing walls, painting, flooring--- all while they were still open for business Monday through Friday!

Existing Floor Plan

New Layout

New Layout

Existing Lobby

Existing- View towards bathroom & looking in to the dental office

Existing- X-Ray Area & Check Out Desk

Existing Office & Dental Chairs


The first step of demo, was to relocate their X-Ray machine, out of the lobby and into their hygiene area.  

Removal of the lobby wall, door & flooring.

We removed the bathroom completely.

Framed in window and door way for the check in and out office

Sheetrock and painting came next

Prepare yourselves for this beautiful after reveal!

After-A larger lobby

After- Check In & Out Desk

After- Office

After- Dental Area

 We learned a great deal during this project. It is always fun as a designer to be able to work on many different types of projects. Especially if it's out of your norm, and your comfort zone.
I think it helps you grow more.
We could not have been more pleased with the outcome of this project.
The clients were so happy with our work, they asked us to do the work on Phase II in the coming year.

Images: Ashley Barrett