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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Obessed With: Color, Floral & Lace

Here's what I have been crushing on as of late.

Bright Colors
This is a beautiful mix of warm tones and fun brights.

Floral Prints

Such a girly obession I have right now.
But these prints can brighten your space and an outfit anyday.

I find myself drawn to delicate fabrics at the moment.
Shabby chic is what I am all about right now.
My new apartment has a mix of vintage and chic happening all over the place and lace fits perfectly.

What are you into right now? I would to hear from you.

Ps. I am back in action and promise to keep posting!
Miss you-
Thanks for sticking around.

1 comment:

  1. I'm into Grays and light blues and neon greens, no I don't have a mixture of all of them looking like vomit in my place, I have nothing in my place and still looking like vomit LOL these are just colors I love and would like to involve in design at some point! :)

    -Jason Weir