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Friday, August 21, 2015

Insiders Tip- Painting Mistakes

Painting a wall or a room is one of the most inexpensive ways to update a room.
However, there are many mistakes we have all made with this task.
Playing it Safe & Match-y Match

Be bolder with you color choices- don't be afraid.
Being too matchy- match can sometimes look very put together or very traditional. And sometimes it can look too boring.
Trending Colors

Trends are inspiring and fun- but don't put the color before your own personal taste.
Bright Colors
Although most of us our drawn to bright colors- they do not work for every space.
Especially in tiny spaces- a bright color can be too overwhelming.
Relaying On Paint Chips
It is always best to test the color out on the wall first. Natural and incandescent light play a huge role in how colors look. Do not relay on a tiny paint chip for what the color will look like on a large scale.
Dividing An Open Floor Plan
Painting two tone walls in an open floor plan- can sometimes create an awkward flow. It is wise to make subtle color changes around the room. With accents or by using obvious architectural features.
I hope these tips help with your check project!
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