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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Obsessed With: Nail Polish, Monograms & Gold Rings

Here are a couple random things that I am currently obsessed with:

Nail Polish

(Sally Hansen- Cemented)

Now that our son is older, I find that I am able to paint my nails more often. It has become my obsession to re-paint them every weekend.
For the summer months I stuck with mostly pastel colors. But now that it is almost fall, I am going back to darker colors. 

Kendra Scott Just came out with these fun metallic nail polishes.
I haven't tired them yet. But this gold is very intriguing to me!


I know monogramming has been very popular for awhile now.
But I just love everything I see.
I came across this Safari Jacket last week and immediately fell in love.
They had a sale on them at the time, so course now they are sold out!

Thin Gold Rings

Thin gold rings are all the rage right now.
So of course, anything gold I HAVE to have.
I ordered one simple gold ring, from this Etsy shop.
 So in love!

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes...

Oscar Wilde

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