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Thursday, September 22, 2016

DIY: A Chalk Paint Project

During the Parade of Homes this year, I ordered this vanity.

But it didn't have the look I was going for the powder bathroom.
So I bought some Waverly Inspirations- chalk paint

Base coat- Peacock #60705E (Chalk)
Top coat- Antique #60727E (Wax)
I also recommend buying a chalk paint brush and wax brush.

(There are many brands of chalk paint- choose whichever one you like best.)

I was definitely very nervous to tackle this project-- after all, my plan was to install it in one of our high dollar, custom homes. So the pressure was on, needless to say.

I did my research on my go to site-- Pinterest of course.
I found this post, which really helped me.

Step one- clean your furniture piece with a damp cloth & let dry.
Step two- apply a little amount of paint to brush and start applying to furniture.
(I actually kind of freaked out once the first coat was finished- I didn't like the color at all!
But I kept on going anyway..)

Step three- very lightly sand

Step four- apply little amount of wax to brush and start applying to furniture.
(After the wax coat was complete- I was in LOVE! Totally what I had pictured!)
Step five- Spray or brush on a sealer

Lastly- I changed the cabinet hardware.
Picked these up on sale at Hobby Lobby.

The updated look cost less than $30 bucks!

Viola! Such a fun pop of color!

Have fun with your next projects!

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