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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fallingwater: A Masterpiece

Fallingwater turns 75!
Southeas view- "Classic View"

In 1935 Edgar Kaufmann Sr. commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to design a weekend home for he and his family in Bear Run, Pennsylvania.
The Kaufmann's were very surprised when the saw the renderings of their new home. They were expecting to have a view of the waterfall- not to be on top of it. But Wright thought that it would be better to hear the waterfall all the time, rather than to only glance at it every so often.
The home was built between 1936-1939.
Entrance at Fallingwater
Subtly divided into several distinct areas for music, study, conversation and dining.
Check out that fireplace, and lighting above!
Dining area with portrait of Edgar Kaufmann Sr.
Staircase led down from the living room to the waters of Bear Run.
A modern kitchen for it's time.
First floor terrace
Covered walkway to the guest house

Frank Lloyd Wright
Wright was a brilliant architect, interior designer, furniture designer and writer. During Wright’s career, he built more than 400 structures and designed at least twice as many all around the world. He also authored 20 books and many articles.  He is considered to be the "Greatest American Architect of All Time". His design is iconic and will live on forever.

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