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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Insiders Tip: Painting 101

Here’s how to calculate your wall area to see how much paint you’ll need=
Multiply the height of each wall by its width.
(Do not subtract windows and doors unless they take up more than half of the wall)
Add all the walls together
Add 10% for future touch-ups.
*For two coats, double the number.

*One gallon per every 450 square feet

Stop the paint can drips by putting a rubber band over the can, wipe the excess off on the rubber band and not the edge of the can.
When painting a chair, wooden letters or a picture frame use thumb tacks or nails to prop the item up, so that your piece doesn’t stick to the surface.
Save the paint trays, by lining it with aluminum foil first.

Happy painting!

Images via:
Martha Stewart.com

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