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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chaos & Cocktails: DIY Pouf

For our first video blog how to- we made a pouf, AKA a floor cushion.
Follow the steps below to make a yummy cocktail and your very own trendy pouf.
Not all cocktails have to be super fancy or expensive.
$10 Moscato Wine
A handful of frozen blueberries
& Cute glasses
You may remember- a couple posts ago I came across this tutorial from Design Sponge

1 yard of three coordinating fabrics (I used 100% cotton)
1 ½ yards of Muslin
2  1 ½ inch buttons
2 washers (just a little smaller than your buttons)
3 pounds of fiber fill
Upholstery needle
Sewing machine
Fishing line
Step One-
Download the template here
(Make sure to print on large enough paper- otherwise you will end up making a doll size pouf. We made ours 12” long- but would recommend doubling it instead.)

Step Two-
Fold fabric in half once
Place template on top.
Trace pattern onto fabric
(You need 8 pieces of fabric from each color) 

Step Three-
Repeat step two to muslin
(You need 24 pieces)

Step Four-
Once all your pieces are cut out- arrange in a pattern of your choice

(Seems easy enough right? But make sure to pay attention here, both Ann and I had a little trouble here. – We might have had one too many cocktail though- ops.)
Step Five-
Take one piece of fabric from your pattern and lay it face down on top of the piece to the right.
Add a piece muslin to the top and bottom of this pair and pin together along one side.
Step Six-
Sew along pined edge
Iron seam to one side
Repeat this to all the pieces

Step Seven-
Now start sewing all the pieces together.

Step Eight-
Lay your bottom portion of the pouf face up and the top portion face down (on top of each other)

Step Nine-
Pin together and sew
(Make sure to leave about 4”-6” open to stuff filling)

Step Ten-
Time for stuffing!

Step Eleven-
Hand sew the opening closed
For attaching washers and button, check out  Design Sponge (because I didn’t do this part so well)
Good luck on your pouf, I would love to see your finished product. Let me know if you have questions.

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