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Monday, July 28, 2014

Before & After: Kitchen Remodel

I am a little over due on posting about this kitchen remodel. I completed it last summer before Brayden was born. The whole process took about five months total.
There were many meetings in the beginning that involved planning and deciding the right layout- I took both the husbands and the wife's ideas into consideration- talked to them about how the space was to be used and what was going to be stored throughout.
Here is what the kitchen looked like before.
Before: Floor Plan

Not a very dual friendly space at all.


Before: Small hallway and back door
Before- Laundry Room

My Purposed Floor Plan

Open concept with a functioning work triangle.
My client's goal was to bring the outdoors in- so you will see that done with the large windows, light and bright color.

With all the cabinets and the walls removed- the place is starting to take shape.

The large window, and full length glass back door- now let in some much more light.


The serene wall color- really helps reflect light, to make the space feel even larger.

My clients took and inventory of their entire kitchen- there is literally a space for everything- which truly makes this a custom kitchen.
Even the three horse statues- which are housed above the stand mixer cabinet and blender (notice on the right side of the room).

(Please mind the clutter- They were having a party the day of this photo)

After: Laundry Room
After: Tile Detail

This is a movable island- which works perfectly for meal prep and also another handy countertop for any crafting that might go on. Then it fits back nicely tucked away along the wall.

These clients were a joy to work for- it was fun working with an artist mind also.
My client is to owe for the backsplash design and all the color choices also.

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  1. I know the clients and can't believe the difference in their home! It has made such a difference in their lives, not only the looks but also their attitudes. Now they are always looking for reasons to entertain.