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Saturday, July 26, 2014

DIY: Seat Cushions

Now that our chairs are complete-
they needed some comfortable cushions.
What you will need:

Sewing machine
(for two seat cushions- I needed 1 yard total)
Paper- for template
(I used a mattress topper for my foam- twin size)
Buttons- optional
Step One:
Trace the seat of the chair
Cut the pattern out
Step Two:
Use it to cut the fabric and foam

I used two pieces of foam per cushion (to make it thicker)
Step Three:
Turn iron on
Next, I cut about a 10" long x 1" wide strip of fabric
This is to make the ties
Iron down each side of the strip like this

Fold in half and iron again

Now you are ready to sew along the edge

 Cut the strip in half and now you have two ties
(repeat all of step three three more times (to make two cushions)-
you need a total of four ties per cushion)
 Step Four:
(I didn't take a photo of this next step- so this one will have to do)

I cut the bottom piece of fabric in half
hemmed the edges of the fabric with the iron and then sewed them
(repeat to second piece of fabric)
This will create an envelope- like opening
Step Five:
Line each piece of fabric up- patten facing inside

Insert two ties, on both the left and right sides
(It's good to measure out where on the chair back they will be tired)

Step Six:
Cut a 1"wide x 5" long piece of fabric
(you will need a total of four of these)
Iron each edge- like in step three
Sew bottom edge to bottom flap- repeat to second piece
Cut a slit- towards the top, wide enough for the button to fit through. 
Sew on buttons
Step Seven:
Insert two foam pieces
Close with each button
(This envelope style will work great when I want to take the fabric off to wash them.)
Now you are ready to tie them on your chairs!
 Repeat all the steps for as many cushions you are making.

These were my very first cushions- I am proud of how they came out. But I am of course, not claiming to be an expert-- hahah
It is all about trail and error after all, right?!
Good luck on your next project.
I will keep you posted on mine.



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