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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Insiders Tip: A Great Master Bedroom

If you are like me- your master bedroom ends up being the last room on the decorating list, or a hodge podge of left over, unused items.
So I thought this list could help start the ball rollin'- and help get you (myself) on track for a better bedroom.
1. Artwork
Pick something peaceful and calming.
Pictures of your family are wonderful in the rest of your home, but in your bedroom, you want to choose something less emotional- so you are able to rest better.
2. Things You Love

It doesn't have to be an entire bookcase full of items- but a combination of things you love or that have a special meaning behind them. It is also a great place to store those particular items that don't really have a place in the rest of your home.
3. A Great Mattress

This is something we already have, but-let-me-tell-you- it is key!!
We are in love with out mattress!
4. A Place to Sit

A nice place to sit and relax- that is not your bed.

A soft comfortable rug under foot is much more pleasing than stepping on the cold floor.
I know the rug in the picture is a simple plush rug- but a rug can also be a great addition of color and pattern too.
I hope these help to get your master bedroom together.


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