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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thirty Thursday: DIY Pouf

A hot and trendy accent right now is a pouf!

(This is the one I want!)

I have been in search of the perfect pouf for my living room for a while now. Last week while doing a little window shopping I found one at Pier 1 Imports that I loved. But… it was $150 dollars!

So instead, I think I will try to make one. –Maybe even two!
I found this pattern on Design Sponge that I wanted to share with you. Just in case you were in love with poufs just as much as me!

I plan to start tackling this project next week. And I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.- Wish me luck!
Images via:
Design Sponge


  1. Hi ,love your pillows patchwork look lovely and your work is inspiring...............

    1. Thank you very much, that really means a lot.

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  3. I saw this pouf on Pinterest and when I did a google image search found your blog. I wondered if you had ever made this pouf? I was thinking that to get a similar effect to the Pier 1 pouf that it could be made with one of those cheap-o quilts from Tuesday Morning or TJMaxx or one of those places. That way the patchwork look would be built in and alot of the work would already been done. Just wondered if you'd made yours and what your experience was.

    1. Hi!
      Yes, last summer I tired making my own pouf with a friend. We used the directions from Design Sponge. It wasn't too hard but it did come out a lot smaller than we had planned.
      Here is the link were I explained my steps and what I would do differently.

      I think using a cheap quilt is a great alternative to fabric. I think you will have an easier time and you will also save a bit too.

      Good luck with your pouf, please let me know if you have any other questions.