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Thursday, February 14, 2013

{Repost} DIY: Pallet Ottoman

My most popular post to date is where I showed you how to turn a wooden pallet into an ottoman.
Check it out HERE
The first ottoman lasted for a while, but once I found some fabulous fabric at the craft store. I knew it was time to remake it.
(The right way)

Other Supplies Needed:
Thin piece of plywood
(the size of pallet)
4 furniture legs
4 metal plates for the furniture legs
(they are found right next to the legs)
4 twin or queen mattress toppers(to replace the 2" foam)
Spray adhesive
{New} Step One:
Screw the plywood to top of the wood pallet
(this will help block the open slats and prevent foam from falling through.)
{New} Step Two:
Screw in the 4 metal plates to each bottom corner

{New} Step Three:
Cut each mattress topper to fit the size of the pallet.
Lay the first one on top side of pallet and staple to secure
Spray the spray adhesive on top foam and lay the next piece of foam on top of that.
(repeat until all of the pieces are on)

{New} Step Four:
Cover with batting

{New} Step Five
Cover with fabric secure with staple gun

{New} Step Six
Screw legs into metal plates
I hope these tips better help you in your ottoman.
Happy building.
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