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Friday, November 7, 2014

DIY: Painted Chevron Stripes

I recently got a wild idea that I should paint a couple chevron stripes on my son's bedroom wall.
Sounded easy enough- right??..
Well, it was a lot harder and more time consuming that I had imagined- let me just say that.

I started with two pieces of tape, running the length of one of the walls- 12" inches apart.
Then added a third line another 12" on top of that.
Then measured every 6" inches, starting at the end of the wall- added a vertical line of tape.
Next, I cut out all the "inner" pieces of tape

I painted the "inners" - with some of the paint we had left over from the guest bedroom.
Once dried, I peeled the tape away- and found that my "chevron" lines weren't connected.
(Which I should have noticed before I started painting..)
So then-- I had to add more tape to figure out how to make them connect..
Here are the finished stripes- they defiantly aren't perfect, and not completely symmetrical- but I am chalking that up to "Character" ?!?!?! - haha
Just goes to show, that not every project comes out perfect the first time around.
Maybe you will learn from my mistakes on this one.
Happy DIY-ing!

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