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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: Giant Floor Pillow


What you will need:
2 pieces of fabric cut to 30"x30"
4 pieces of fabric cut to 5"x30
Poly fill Stuffing
Sewing Machine
Needle & Thread

(I found this How To on Pinterest to help with the process)
Step One

Sew the 5"x30" pieces of fabric - one to each of the sides of the 30"x30"
Step Two
Then sew the second piece of 30"x30" fabric to one side of the 5"x30
Step Three
Sew the corners together
Do this to all four corners 
Step Four
Once all the corners are sewn
Sew the "Bottom" piece of fabric to the all sides of the 5"x30"
(To create a "box")

Leave a 2"-3" opening on one of the sides- so that you turn can the fabric inside out.

Like this!
Step Five
Now you are ready to stuff with the poly fill
You may remember this pouf I made a while back.
Well... I never finished it.
So I took all the stuffing out of it and used it in my new floor pillow- great way to save a buck right!?
But if you are making such a large pillow like mine- you will probably need at least 3 bags of fill.
Step Six
Once you have your pillow fully stuffed, you will need to use your needle and thread to sew up the opening.
Now it's time to enjoy your pillow!
Total Cost- Around $45 dollars
(I was lucky enough to have all the materials already- so my pillow was free!)
Total Time- One hour

Here is an upcoming DIY
I found this on the curb side last night!
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