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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Insiders Tip: On a Budget

Here are a few helpful tips to spice up your home.
1. Add a fun new cushion to your sofa. Maybe even three- it will give the impression that you've redecorated the entire space.

2. Frame a swatch of fabulous wallpaper. It's an afforable way to add "art" to any wall.
3. Fix up that demaged veneer by decoupaging the surface with book pages or scrapbooking paper. It will add interest too your old, worn furniture.
4. Cut down the legs on your dining table- it makes for the prefect large scale coffee table.
5. Have a room full of windows, making it hard to arrange furniture? Curtain the entire wall, it adds soft texture and will allow you to place furniture anywhere. You can even hang artwork in front of the curtains.

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