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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Rental Friendly Updates

Today, I wanted to share some pretty inexpensive ways to spruce up your current rental.

Subway Tile Backsplash
 Target has a peel and stick wallpaper that looks just like subway tiles!
And for only $35 bucks a roll.

Subway Tile Peel & Stick
 Change Out Old Hardware
Measure the existing hardware holes, and find new ones that match your style and taste better.
Such a simply update!
[Remember to keep the existing ones, so you can reinstall them before you move out.]

Change Out Light Fixtures
 This is another easy to way to help bring your rental into the current decade!
[Remember to keep you existing ones in a safe place,so you can replace them before you move out.]

You may also remember a few years back, we updated our light-fixture with just some new globes, light bulbs and added a ceiling medallion. 

Remove Cabinet Doors
If you are into the 'open shelves' concept, remove a few of your cabinet doors in the kitchen to help achieve a similar look.

 Removal Wallpaper
You can find all different prints and patterns on the web. 
But you may have heard all the craze of Opalhouse for Target.
Well-- they also have removal wallpaper in the line!
And it's so GOOD!!

Chalkboard Wall
If you have been longing for a chalkboard wall, but aren't able to paint the walls of your rental-
you are now in luck!
You can find  Chalkboard Contact Adhesive on Amazon- Two rolls for $14 dollars!

Change Out Faucets
Another, super easy update- is to replace your current faucets with prettier ones!

Cover Ugly Flooring
You can find these Vinyl Floor Tile Stickers on Etsy. 

Update Your Outdoor Patio
Cover your existing drab concrete patio with these removable Composite Deck Pavers

Even though it's not your forever home, you can still make it feel more like your own while your living there. And you can do it without breaking the bank too!!

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