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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: DIY Burlap & Lace


Here's to another week of thrifty crafts.
The other day I got the idea to wrap some of my pictures frames in burlap and some in lace.
(I spray painted them awhile ago and didn't do the best job. So I needed a way to cover it up.)
Items needed:
Hot glue gun & glue
Picture frames (any sizes)
Cut burlap and lace into 1"- 2" strips, the length of the yard.
Then just wrap around the frame.
I used a small amount of hot glue to secure the strip to the frame.
Do this all around the frame until you are complete.
Adding a bow (like I did) or flowers would be a super cute way to dress them up a bit more.
Happy crafting!
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