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Saturday, August 6, 2011

DIY: Making a Curtain

This flat panel curtain with ribbon ties was done without a single needle and thread! Who knew it could be done!
Materials needed:
Fabric (I needed just about 2 yards for my window)
Fabric lining for back (I chose white cotton fabric)
Iron-on ultra hold 5/8” tape
Ribbon (any size you prefer will do, I needed 8 yards for my curtain)
1 ½ hours
Step one:
Cut fabric (front and back) according to size of window
Step two:
Iron fabric to get any of the wrinkles out
Step three:
Face fabric lining (back) side up
Lay tape about a half inch in from the right side edge of fabric, paper side up and iron over tape according to instructions.
Step four:
Peel off the paper
Step five:
Fold lining fabric over the tape line, iron over tape according to instructions.
Step six:
Lay tap on top of the lining fabric, iron over tape
Step seven:
Peel off the paper
Step eight:
Fold front fabric over the tape, iron over tape

(hemming the fabric)

Repeat steps three through eight to left side and the bottom.
Step nine: Creating the rod pocket
Fold fabric down (lining and front fabric) creating enough space for the rod to slide through

Step ten:
At the bottom of the fold lay tape across the inside(on top of the lining fabric) iron over.
Step eleven:
Peel off paper
Step twelve:
Iron over the lining fabric
Repeat steps ten through twelve to secure the top fabric down.
Step thirteen: Ribbons
Cut ribbon a few inches longer than the curtain, you will need 4 pieces total (or two very long pieces)
Step fourteen:
I measured 6 inches in from each side, to place my ribbon
Step fifteen:
Secure ribbon with about 4 inches of tape on front and back, iron according to instructions
Now your curtain is ready to be hung!

The ribbon is used to draw the curtain up as far as you'd like.

Try making this curtain for your home, it would look great in a bedroom or a home office.

Images via:
Ashley Elrod


  1. Thank you for the great tip! I have been looking for ideas for curtains and couldn't find anything that didn't require a sewing machine! Hopefully I will get the chance to "iron up" some of these this weekend!

    1. Your welcome! I'm glad to help.
      I would love to see photos if and when you make some curtains!
      I wish you lots of luck.

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  3. This is great, thanks for sharing

  4. This looks like something doable. Will probably give it a try!