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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Entry Ways

Make your entry way really count. It is your guest’s first impression of your home,vyou don’t want it piled high with clutter or left completely bare feeling cold.
Eclectic Mix
Rustic dresser adds interest and fresh flowers add color and height.

Limited Space 
Coat racks are decorative and practical.
Use a small table and tuck a stool underneath to save space.
Over-size mirrors make your room appear larger.

Decorate With Your "Stuff"
ps. I am in love with picture rails, they just add a little something extra.

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words
Same color frames, mixed up sizes.

Store It
Built-ins are a great way to store all your belongings.
Built-ins with benches are great for the added seating.

Use hooks, baskets and drawers to hide all your things away.

We welcomed a lovely mid-century dresser into our family the other day. Right now it sits in the garage, but very soon it will be in our entry way, with lots of goodies on top and inside. I can NOT wait!

Images via:
Ashley Elrod

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