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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Ghost Chair

Using transparent furniture is a great way to make your room look larger, because they aren’t visually taking up space.
Louis XVI- for Kartell
By Philippe Starck
Decorating with the ghost chair can create some whimsy in your space also.
Mix and match with other solid chairs for an eclectic look.
Or in a small dining room to visually create the look of more space.
Think your bedroom is too small to add a chair? … Think again!
This wonderful chair can normally run you about $410 each from DWR.com.
You can get it from InteriorExpress.com for only $135 each!

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  1. Hey Ash whats up I really enjoy all the stuff you put on here and it gives me some great idea's but still wish you were here to help with that lol love you