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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I wanted to share a few things that I have on my DIY to do list- I am very excited about them all.
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Magazine Box - Fun wrapping paper and a shiping box.
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Cable knit pillows - Reuse those old sweaters.
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Covered Switch Plates - Scrap booking back is the best!
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Picture frame tray
All you need is some hardware from your local hardware store, some spary paint and maybe some fun fabric for the inside!
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Upholstered Bench - made from a coffee table
(I am on the hunt as we speak- for a neat looking coffee table.)
Pinterest has been a really inspiring tool for me. It seems like every day I am finding something new to make or recreate.
I will be sure to post photos of my upcycling.
What is on your DIY to do list, I would love to see your projects and hear your stories.
(Be sure to check out the links for how-to's)
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